natural stones

choker and necklace made of nacre and freshwater pearls

Jewel, what a passion!
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she started almost as a game, creating resin bijoux, for a few close friends who asked her to create unique personalized items for different occasions.

Today Adriana Galli is a well-established brand of Italian and international bijoux, present in numerous stores worldwide as well as in the exclusive Show room in via Piero Capponi in Milan. 

Here, Adriana and her daughters Martina and Virna manage the conception and realization of the artistic and creative activity of bijoux in resin and natural stones and keeps in touch with Italian and foreign clients.

There are numerous commercial initiatives to which she takes part, not only on a promotional basis but also on a charitable basis as in the Lions' evenings in Milan.

The uniqueness and the peculiarity of her bijoux have allowed her to collaborate with artists for whom she creates personalized accessories as for the presenter Susanna Messaggio and the emerging singer Chiara Dello Iacovo (San Remo 2016).

Frequent is also his presence in Italian companies such as Mediaset, where she participates ito events with some of her unique and original creations.