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  • Perfume, creams and water, how to behave?"
    The title of the FAQ can be changed in the settings section of the app. You can also uncheck its box in the app settings to remove the title.
  • Why is palladium plating important?
    Yes! Users can easily add videos from YouTube or Vimeo: Enter the app settings Click on "Manage Questions Click on the question you want to add a video to When editing your response, click the video icon and paste the Youtube or Vimeo URL of your video That's it! A button to watch the video will appear in the response box
  • How do you avoid the oxidation of metals?
    To add a new question, go to settings and click on "Manage questions".
  • Keep the same hue?
    Yes, to add images here's what you need to do: Enter the app settings Click on "Manage Questions Click on the question you want to add an image to When editing your answer, click the image icon and add an image from your library
  • Boutique madness
    Boutique madness Piazza Marco Polo, u8 Milan 3 Shopping Center
  • Perfumery
    Perfumery Via Enzo Togni 9 – 27043 Broni (PV) Tel. 0385 52056
  • Mas que Nada
    Mas que Nada Lodi 12 Course Milan
  • Marine Perfumery
    Marine Perfumery Shopping Center 6 San Felice (Segrate, MI) – 20090 Tel. 02 70300356
  • Tailors
    Sartori Corso Genova, 5 20123 Milan Tel. 028394756
  • Fremis
    Fremis Via Lanino 19 – 20144 Milan (MI) Tel. 02 48013935
  • Macry
    Macry Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 21 – 46041 Asola (MN) Tel. 0376712272
  • Visconti perfumery
    Visconti perfumery Via Visconti Di Modrone, 2 20121, Milan Tel. 0276020083
  • Cecilia Perfumery
    Cecilia perfumery Via Bronzino 1, corner John Pastures Milan – 20133 Tel. 02 29513978
  • manganini
    Manganini Via Astesani 8 – 20161 Milan
  • What can I find in the reserved area?
    Access to the area reserved for resellers allows you to view and order our collections and our products published with the reserved price list.
  • How do I change or delete my access?
    To change your access data, simply follow the links in the wizard, while to delete your account you need to send a written communication to our email address:
  • How do I access the reserved area?
    To access the reserved area, it is necessary to register on the site, having read and accepted the terms indicated in the Privacy Policy.
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