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We have recorded thousands and thousands of words, we have experienced the same unique emotions of those who ask for them. Every day we fill our hearts with words, reflections and ... uniqueness. INK was born from the inspiration of its customers, from you, the true creators of unique pieces.


Eleonora Cavallaro, estrosa artista, ci regala la sua creatività in meravigliose borse esclusivamente hand made. Stilista all'avanguardia è cresciuta con la passione della lavorazione del cuoio. Le sue borse sono il frutto della continua ricerca di materiali pregiati e di idee innovative al passo con i tempi moderni. 

collane in pietra natuale, collane in resina, orecchini in resina, alta bigiotteria, bigiotteria Milano
ciondoli in argento, argento italiano, made in Italy, argento personalizzato


Eleonora Cavallaro, whimsical artist, she gives us her creativity and her experience in the creation of unique and exclusively hand made bags. An avant-garde designer who grew up with a passion for leather processing. Her bags are the result of the continuous search for precious materials and innovative ideas always in step with the times.

borse italiane, made in Italy, adriana galli bijoux, alta bigiotteria
borse italiane, made in Italy, sac, bigiotteria Milano
anelli in argento, anelli personalizzati, gioielli, alta bigiotteria, bigiotteria in argento
borse eleonora


Made in Italy hats, made entirely by Italian artisans, tell the story of Tuscan ingenuity, the beauty of our land and look beyond, towards new horizons. A skilful mix of tradition and innovation gives fresh collections in step with the times, the result of a careful study of shapes and colors, of a passionate search for new materials and trends. At the same time these hats never give up that retro touch that makes them fascinating and timeless.

cappello pioggia verde banda nera (6).jp
20w0029 cappello velluto con nodo latera
20w340050 cappello nero in lana con dett
cappelli gi'n'gi

I Bijoux Lillibellula

Lillibellula Bijoux are born from careful manual processing, an expressive means of creativity and imagination. Semi-precious stones are often combined with pearls and mother-of-pearl, handcrafted Greek ceramics, Swarovski crystals or resins, exclusively produced in Italy and France; the metal elements are all hypoallergenic, free from nickel, lead and cadmium. The plating and metal finishes are of the highest quality. Almost all the models can be replicated and customized, considering that their realization, being handcrafted, does not allow the identical duplication of the chosen jewel.
collane in pietre naturali, collane in resina, collane lunghe, collane in vetri veneziani
collane lunghe, collane in resina, alta bigiotteria, bigiotteria milano
collane, braccialetti, orecchini, adriana galli bijoux, bigiotteria milano,
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