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Natural stones

amber, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl

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bijoux for passion
founded in 1996 by the homonymous italian designer adriana gallithe activity is developed on the concept of the exclusive made in italy characterized by high quality craftsmanship and exclusivity of the product.

"..I started almost as a game, creating bijoux in resin, for a few close friends who asked me to create unique and personalized accessories for different occasions.."


 Today Adriana Galli is an established brand of Italian and international bijoux, present in numerous shops in Italy and around the world as well as in the exclusive showroom in via Piero Capponi in Milan.

Here, Adriana together with her daughters Martina  e Virna manages the conception and realization of the artistic and creative activity of bijoux in resin and natural stones and keeps  contacts with Italian and foreign customers.

Post covid we have decided to create exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, always in line with the current fashion trend. Each bijoux made is as unique as the person who wears it.

Precious for passion

The search for materials is one of the most important phases of our work, on the basis of trendy colors we select  semi-precious stones, Venetian glass, amber, freshwater pearls which enrich our jewels giving a touch of originality to all the exclusive made in Italy creations. thin or very showy, often accompanied by silver or brass chains, our accessories are always harmonious and elegant.

the game of resins

as an alternative to natural stones, we immediately learned to play with acrylic resins, lighter and more gritty, which allow us to work with large volumes and different shapes.

our acrylic resins are worked exclusively in Italy by artists in the sector. they have metallic effects, particular decorations and natural finishes such as Venetian glass, ceramics and natural stones.

Furthermore, the choice of trendy colors give all our creations an innovative and fashionable imprint, for a unique and high-level final product.

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