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adriana galli started almost as a joke, creating bijoux in resin for a few close friends who asked her to create unique and personalized objects for different occasions.

Today Adriana Galli is an established brand of Italian bijoux, present in numerous shops around the world (especially in Japan) as well as in the exclusive showroom in Milan in via Piero Capponi.

we have done numerous fashion shows and photo shoots in which our accessory was the perfect complement to the clothes of the designers we have collaborated with.

always ready for news and in step with the times, we have been partners in social events in the world of wine, creating unique moments for women who, for fun and passion or even just for a photo, could wear our unique jewels.

fashion magazines in Italy and in the world talk about our exclusive made in Italy, always original and innovative.

The uniqueness and particularity of our bijoux has given rise to collaborations with artists for whom personalized accessories have been created, such as for the presenter Susanna Message and the emerging singer Chiara Dello Iacovo (Sanremo 2016).

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