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fashion shows, social events and parties

bijoux for every occasion

Fashion shows, events and feste

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bijoux, what a passion!

Adriana Galli began in 1996 to produce bijoux for a small group of very demanding friends.

when he realizes that his enthusiasm and creativity can transform into a job, he opens a showroom in milan where he can make and show his creations.

in this long journey up to the present day, there have been many collaborations with fashion shows e  photographic services where her accessories become the perfect complement to the stylists' clothes.

many are the fashion magazines that talked about her and her unique pieces in Italy and around the world, especially in Japan.

always ready for news and in step with the times, it has been a partner in social events in the world of wine, creating a special occasion for women who, for fun or passion, wanted wearing her bijoux and immortalizing_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_unique moments.

Model me Richmond


spring festival 2018

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